When I was asked to write a short description that would explain Q-104 to the world, I immediately thought of a line from a popular 1960's song.."It's like tryin' to tell a stranger 'bout Rock 'n Roll!"  Q-104 epitomized its image as "The Southern Super Giant" like nothing to come before it.  And to this day, no other radio station has even begun to duplicate its popularity and appeal to such a wide array of dedicated fans. 
"The Q", as it was often called came about at a time when AM was still the "normal" venue for listening to all the latest Rock 'n Roll from the stars of the era.  FM was the "beautiful music" format.  Its programming was mostly taped and was popular for businesses to play in the background.  To suggest playing Rock 'n Roll on FM bordered on blasphemy.  But on January 19, 1976, WQEN ("Beautiful Queen") flipped a switch and kicked off what would quickly become the highest-rated radio station in the entire state. Q-104 blasted 100,000 watts of static-free, STEREO Rock 'n Roll into 4 states, setting records that have yet to be broken. 
In addition to hosting recording artists from across the nation as studio guests, sponsoring concerts and staging unprecedented events that made national headlines, Q-104 received the "Best Small Market Station in the Nation" award of excellence in 1980. 
Of course, part of the fun of being a "Q-Jock" was the perks and recognition.  Free food, free movies, meeting and rubbing noses with rock stars, you name it. 
When the Q-crew arrived for a special appearance any place within a hundred miles you would have thought we were rock stars!  We had personalized tags for our cars, monogrammed staff jackets and were always prepared to sign autographs during and after the events. 
A lot has changed since those days, and with the vast number of choices available to today's generation it's safe to say that there will never be another radio station like Q-104. 
Even today, mention it around here and be prepared for long conversations from those who were around then - and even the younger crowd whose parents told them about it. 
But thanks to the dedication and determination of some very special guys who were part of the dream, it is the goal of this web site to recreate, as authentically as possible, the magic that was...and is..."The Southern Super Giant".
                              Chris Eric Stevens

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