Super Q104 was programmed to reach the largest audience possible during all times of the day.  

Morning Drive was programmed to reach people getting ready for work and school, and to keep them listening as they drove to their destinations. 

Middays was truly for the ladies. The music was a little softer, but not too much. Even the guys could listen and enjoy. Businesses could play Q104 in their stores and never be worried about what might be played or said on the air. 

Afternoons saw a slight change in the music by the addition of more rock songs, and less of the softer music. This was music for the guys to enjoy, and the ladies could enjoy too. 

Nights came alive with much faster and newer music for the younger adults and kids. And as with every other time of the day, anyone could listen and enjoy. 

The station was programmed to be family friendly. Mom and dad could drive the car in the mornings and have the radio on Q104. And when the teenagers drove the car in the evenings they would leave the radio set on Q104.
Imagine that...One Radio Station that the entire family could listen to, Together or Alone.
Does this exist anymore?   © 2019