Public Service

When many people think of radio, they most likely think about the music first. But, part of the legacy of Q104 are the many acts of public service that it took pride in providing for the community.
The staff knew that in order to really be part of the community, it meant more than just playing music for the listeners or providing creative promotions for area businesses. It meant doing anything and everything possible to promote area events, or help when a school was having a fund-raiser.  

The Q was proud to sponsor the annual American Red Cross blood drive, and to take part in the Kiwanis Pancake Day at Gadsden's Convention Hall, and the Annual Q104 Half-Price Fair for area businesses to introduce their services to the public. 

It seemed that almost every year Alabama would be struck with deadly tornadoes, and when it came to being there to help those in need, the Q was first at starting a fund-raiser. If severe weather came through the area, the listeners knew that they could depend on hearing the information they needed to protect themselves. 

There are countless other ways that Q104 served the community that it loved. If you remember something that Q104 did to help in your community, please let us know and we will add it to this list.   © 2019