Letter 12

Hi Chuck

First Of All  I Would Like To Say You Did An Awesome  Job On The Q104 Tribute Page. It Brought Back A Lot Of Memories. 

I Did Not Work For The Q But Wish I Could Have.  

I Was A Big Fan Of Q104 When It First Went On The Air  In 76. Man I Was  Hooked On The Q!

I Remember  All The Give Aways And Contest And Some Of The Rock Concerts The Q Put On In Gadsden.  I Remember A Contest That Q104 Did  Back In 78. I Beleve They Got 10 or 20 pepole To Spend The Night In An Old Grave Yard, All Though I Did Not Get To Go.

And Also I Remember The Station  Would featured An Album Of A Group ON  Fri. or Sat. night. And i Beleve  It Was Like Around Midnight   When They Would  Do This.  And I Do Remember The Event  With  Rick Sisk and Dennis Deason, The Underwater Broadcasting. I Was Down At The Boardwalk AND Watched. It Was  Cool.

I Recorded So Much Stuff Of The  Radio From 76-81. I Just Wish I still Had My Old Tapes To Listen To, But They All Got Lost.

Anyway You Have Great Rock Station. 

I Listen To It A Lot.
 Now Take Care And Keep Rockin!


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