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Many years ago before FM, everyone listened to AM radio not only for music, but for the personalities on the air. Then some brave managers and programmers decided to try migrating to the FM band. This was a risky move because FM receivers were not widely available at that time. Not to mention the fact that FM receivers cost a lot of money in those days. Many of the "Big Name" personalities of those days refused to move to FM. They felt it was a risky move to give up a sure thing on the AM band. Luckily, there were those that did take a chance to re-create radio. 

This web site is dedicated to a select group of individuals that took the chance and moved over to the FM band. 
On January 19th 1976 Q104 was born in Gadsden Alabama.
When "Squeeze Box" by the WHO started playing, radio as everyone knew it in the Heart of Dixie changed forever.
This is a tribute to this legendary radio station. 

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