Letter 14

I was in 6th grade when the station came on the air in 1976. 

We were living in Selma, AL which is a good 170 miles from Gadsden.  

At times we could get the station fairly clear. I was so proud to tell 

my classmates that my hometown station was on! Before the Q was on

air I listened to WLS much of the time out of Chicago. 

As it was the clear channel AM giant at night and could be heard in

many states.   

My memories are like most, the Q was the best station around. 

Whether I was with friends cruising the mall, on a date, 

or in the Bluff (HB) after a game my dial was on 104 FM. 

In 1982 I became friends with Jay Holland and did some work for him 

at WGAD for the Friday night high school football scoreboard. 

I also got to know Mike Mitchell a former DJ for the Q.  

He worked in my business in Rome, GA for a year or so. 

He did also did some Radio, TV, and ringside announcing for Boxing

in the Atlanta area as well. I lost contact with him around

1993 after he married and have heard he moved to Florida.

Maybe someone at the Q will be able to locate him.  

Thanks to all of the support staff, sales staff, management, 

and On-Air staff for giving us great radio for all of those years. 

We as listeners were blessed to be a part of history from the days of

the Golden Q!

R. Jack Kennington

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