Letter 05

Hey Chuck,

Those were the best days of my life and my best days in radio. I have such fond memories of those times. 

I was going to school at Gadsden State and doing mornings on the campus radio station when I got a call from a man named Ron Livengood. I will never forget him telling me that this radio station and the group of people he was hiring were going to make radio history and we did! 

We did start out on Rainbow Drive in the back of the WAAX building and then moved to Chestnut Street. 

Working with the likes of Roger Gaither, Rick Sisk, Dennis Deason, Dale McKee, Leo Davis and the most beautiful sales rep in the world, Paulette Geer and so many more. Let's not forget John Pratt or Bill Barron. 

I always said Bill was the only Program Director I ever knew who got to work just in time to go to lunch.

I do have some pictures I will scan in and get to you. My college sweetheart, Marilyn Crowley, sent me a ton of photos (and my class ring that she didn't need anymore) back in 1995. I will get those to you.

Thanks for taking the time to put together something that meant so much to me in a period of my life that changed my life forever.

Alan DuPriest

Production Director

Archway Broadcasting

Columbus, GA.


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