Business Promotion

The businesses of the Q104 listening area quickly realized that buying advertising on Q104 was more than just purchasing commercial air-time. When they had a commercial running on the Q, it meant a measured increase in traffic in their businesses.  

They noticed that the sales staff of Q104 were more than just sales people. The sales staff didn't try to just sell air-time, they came up with creative and original ways to help promote the business and to generate new customers to their locations. This was a major change from other media outlets in the area. The sales staff knew that by helping local businesses increase sales, they were also helping the community. 

Many of the business promotion ideas created by the sales staff back then are still being used today by radio stations all over the country. 

If you own a business, or worked at a company that had success with advertising with Q104, we would love to hear your story.   © 2019