Letter 06

I remember those times back in the day before 1987 or so, when Leo Davis, Chris Eric Stevens and I think my times may be mixed up, but I remember Jody Van Allen. That may be late 80s (after 1987). The format switched up quite a bit after 1987, not that it was all that bad, but it sure signaled that the golden age of FM radio had ended. 

In listening to all the songs on the website, I have realized that Q104 back in the day sure didnt utilize only the hits from the top 40 chart and pretty much played it by ear, pardon the pun. 

I have been sent scrambling to the download sites quite a few times to track down some old song I heard and remember from the glory days of the Q. 

It would be great if PDs had the power to program based on that same gut instinct, but I know that probably will never be possible again. 

I'm surprised though, that more people havent had the attitude that enough is enough, cuz quite frankly, where is the magic and the variety in radio in this area nowadays? 

So many choices, but if all of them are just narrowly niched for certain crowds, its just boring...

Q104 never was one to repeat a list of 10 songs every hour on the hour in the past, so why now do they feel the need to do so in the days of (103.7the Q) the new station? Okay, I'm off my soapbox now. 

I want to express my thankx for you guys bringing back that great time period..

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