Letter 10

WOW! I love this site!  As a young lad growing up in the City of Champions...radio became my best friend. When my parents would give me an allowance I spent it on 45 records.. (what?)… 

My first radio influence was a little bit WGAD but when I discovered THE SUPER Q in probably 1977...I was hooked.  I called and won so many stinking SUNNY KING FORD t-shirts and albums.  Listened to all the great jocks like Leo Davis, Roger Gaither, Rick Sisk and so many others... I said. THAT'S what I do for the rest of my life! Those guys sound cool and get to play records and at the same time get paid!!!

I got into radio and dreamed of landing at the Q!  I got on with WKFX (now WJBY)..got laid off or fired there.

Went to a weekend union gig at WGAD and then THE SUPER Q needed an overnight weekend jock...

I left my decent paying union weekend gig at WGAD to go for ONE stinking over night shift at Q104!

That experience was memorable!!! It was so much fun to work there.  I managed to feel the last little spark that the Q had in 1987, 88 and 89.  Left for full time work in other small towns in 1990 but still cherish the Q104 years as a KID and teen ager listening to Tommy Lee, Jeffrey Tanner, Chris Stevens, Roger Gaither, Leo Davis, Bill Barron and many more.  

The biggest thrill I got after being in radio for a number of years was working with and sometime FOR some of my old radio heroes like Tommy Lee, Bill Barron, Rick Sisk, J Holland  and a host of others.

I feel blessed to have my "Q experience" back in 1987 to 1989.  It was a magic time for me.

I still have a Q STAFF jacket that LEO got for all us.. It is in a closet.  I will never part with it and it details a special place in my life.  
God bless Leo Davis!  What a fantastic individual!  

In closing let me share a funny story that may just be legend... When I worked the all night shift at Q..we had (as overnight guys) to check the "cart list" to see the next days commercials. If we found one that WAS NOT there.. We had to call the PRODUCTION guy who will remain nameless here...

As legend has it...it was said that IF he answered the phone with a mouthful of food in his mouth...

he had just gotten LUCKY with his wife!  


Great website and I love the pictures and memories!



John Davenport

Mc Calla, Alabama!

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