Letter 07

My name is Bruce Cornutt. I worked in sales for a couple of years at the end of the heydey, 1985 -1986. 

Seems like the sales team at the time was Rebecca Lambert, Beth Bourne, Kathy Boggs, me, John Pratt, Fred Rains, Glenn Lloyd(?) and Panathia Clanton. 

Glenn Williams had just left and Dennis Deason hired me and then moved to North Carolina(?) the following week. 

Rick Sisk had left a couple of weeks before that. The air staff was Bill St.John, Leo Davis, Jeffrey Tanner, Les Cole (the Big Daddy was my first and favorite cousin - what a voice!), Jon Michaels and Rob Barlow. 

Roger Parker was our engineer and Steve Casey was the production manager. 

Chris Crisler did weekends as well as Alan Taylor. Lindsey O'Day was there for a very short time when I first got there. 

Glenda White was the office manager and Terri Ann McWhorter was the traffic manager. Rish Wood was the GM. 

Man... that was a while ago. 

Bruce Cornutt

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