Some of the most loved and listened to radio announcers have spent time on the air at Q104. The On-Air staff (Q-Crew) became part of peoples lives. It seemed like the air staff knew everything that was happening in the listeners lives. And, the listeners knew what was happening in the life of the announcer.  

If something fun and interesting was happening in the Q104 listening area, you could rest assured that you would hear about it first from the Q. If severe weather threatened the area, listeners knew that their favorite disc jockey was on the air and would give the information needed to protect life and property. 

Staff Members    

We will try to list as many members of the Q104 staff as possible from the Chestnut Street days. These are the people that worked in the office, sales, engineering, on-air, etc. If a name is left off the list, please let us know and we will add it to the list. In no certain order, ........ 

Bill Barron, Mike Holderfield, Rish Wood, Palmer Boland, Ron Livengood, Genny Wilkerson, Rick Campbell, Alan DuPriest, Scott Michaels, Rick Sisk, Dennis Deason, Tommy Lee, Sid Griffin, Susan Williams, Johnny Sisty, Kathy Boggs, Dave Fitz, Roger Gaither, Lindsey O'Day, Leo Davis, Chris Eric Stevens, Steve Casey, Chuck Evans, Bob Mayben, Rex Wilson, Johnny King, Charlie Bailey, Brother John, Dale McKee, Jeffrey C Tanner, Les Cole, Jon Michaels, Larry Logan, Chris Crisler, Allen Taylor, Jay Holland, Eric EZ Martin, Dr. Gary Lee Love, Tommy Daniels, Jeff Scott, John Pratt, Steve Malcolm, JJ Stewart, Phil Sisk, Barry Stone, Glenn Williams, Steve Deberry, Bruce Cornutt, Rebecca Lambert, Beth Bourne, Fred Rains, Rob Barlow, Roger Parker, Glenda White, Terri Ann McWhorter, Lorre Grimes, Paula Posey, John “Edwards” Flood, ......

 Q104 Staff members from the Rainbow Drive days.....

Rick Burgess, Bill "Bubba" Bussey, Calvin "Speed Racer" Wilburn, Amy Bliss, Randi McNally,  Pam Denham, Justin Brown, Keith "Spud" Kramer, Lee Patrick, Jay Savage, "Travelin" Todd Baker, Chris James,  Mike Mitchell, J Michael Kelly,  Jody VanAllen, Scott "Boomer" Roberts, JJ Stevens, Jeff Donovan,  John Davenport,  Tony Michaels, Christy McCleary, Debra Rhea, Rob Rossen, Joan Cleveland, Beth Gibson, Myra Regan, John Doe, Mark Bass, Robbie McAlpine, Sabrina Taliaferro, Kerri Griffith, Angie Strawn, Ursula Durah, Jean Lawson, Derek Lee  ….  
more names needed...please send them in.

As mentioned above, this is only a partial list. If a name is not on the list, please let us know. Send all information to the email address at the bottom of this page.   © 2019