Who could ever forget when the morning team of Rick Sisk and Dennis Deason did something that caught the attention of not only local and state media, but media from around the country. What did they do? They set the world record for broadcasting under water. Where? The Coosa River in Gadsden. It was a challenge to keep their temporary home securely fastened to the bottom of the river. And this is where the famous rumor of there being catfish big enough to swallow a man in the Coosa came from. When the divers would go down to take Rick and Dennis things they needed, or to secure the tank to the bottom they came up and reported these extremely large catfish to everyone. Exactly how big were they? Well, let's just say that after the record was set, we had a catfish fry for most of Gadsden and we only had to pull up 3 of those fish from the bottom.

How many of you spent time searching for the Golden Q? Listeners would stay close to their radio to listen for clues as to the whereabouts of this treasured Golden Q. The first one to find it won a great prize.

Halloween was always a great time. Especially when the Q-Crew was visiting haunted houses in the listening area. It was lots of fun to get out of the studio and meet the listeners and go through the haunted houses with them

When it came to contest and giving away prizes, no station could compete with the Q. Having a Q104 t-shirt was a must for listeners. Music, posters, concert tickets, food giveaways, and many more great prizes were some of the things that kept listeners close to their radio.   © 2019