Letter 21


Gary Lee Love here, or "Dr Gary Lee Love In the Nighttime" as I was known onQ 104 in the late 70's.

I just stumbled across your wonderful website and now I have that"nostalgic" feeling again...a jolt back to the excitement, the wonder, theabsolute 'mind blowing" incredible time we all enjoyed when we rockedseveral states with the kind of radio that today's poor youngsters can onlydream of!  That golden and brilliantly experienced period of time that I'mafraid will never come again.  Before the corporations, before the voicetracking, before all the local control was gone...when the music was thebest and personality was king!  Those days when guys like Rick & Dennis,Roger Gaither, Alan DuPriest, Chris Eric Stevens, Bill Barron, Leo Davis,myself and more literally "ruled" the airwaves at the "Super Q".

So many memories...and a time in my life and career that will never everever be forgotten.  Like the first day I arrived to start my 7-Midnightshift, and they dropped me out of a helicopter to thousands of screamingfans in the parking lot of the station on Chestnut Street!  (A Wiley Postproduction!)  Or the "Operation Aquacast" extended underwater broadcast withRick & Dennis when we all scuba dived into the river and did "live" breakswith them. (Ended up bursting both my eardrums!!)  But what a blast, settinga new world record for continuous broadcasting under water, from a "sphere"hanging from a chain that hung from a crane above the Coosa River!  Or eventhe "Love Boat" we piloted up and down the river on Saturday afternoonsgiving away prizes to crowds of frantic screaming fans!  Or the day BillBarron told me I had a call from Casey Kasem in Hollywood, which I thoughtwas a joke, but turned out to be real and later featured on Casey's AmericanTop 40 program nationwide, a long distance dedication to me from a younglady in Ashville, AL saying that a mistake I made (playing the wrong record)saved her life!So many memories, experiences with listeners and friends that were alwaysthere at any thing we ever did whether it was a remote, a high school dance,concert, sticker stop or whatever!  It was indeed the best time and era ofmy career that has now spanned over 45 years in this crazy industry.

As so many have already expressed in the "letters" section of this site,Super Q 104 was like a page out of a "fun to read" novel that always bringsback a big smile, life-enduring memories and a fortunate sense ofsatisfaction and pride knowing I was lucky enough to be a part of thatamazing crew at that most amazing and wonderful time in my life and career!

Here's to the great rock & roll powerhouse....once.....and always known as"Q-104"!

Thanks for the memories!

Gary Lee Love

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