Letter 22

Hey Chuck,

Just found this site.  It's so great to see all those old names from what I
feel is the "heyday" of Super Q 104.  I know I wasn't a big name it the
scheme of things, but I did very much enjoy my time on Chestnut Street as a
late-night Q-Jock in 1980-82.  The Q-Van was the coolest thing around and
all the people coming to the live remotes and public appearances will never
again be duplicated in this area.  Working with Rish, Chris, Rick, Dennis,
Leo, Roger and the gang was a hoot.  Anyone associated with the station in
those days was an automatic celebrity.  I wish I still had that cool
monogrammed jacket (although it certainly wouldn't fit now), and I'm still
mad about never getting my own Q-Tag for my little red Triumph Spitfire I
drove in those days... just kidding (not really).  

In 1982 I moved on to WDNG with J. J. Dark (Johnny DePetrio), Chris Stanton,
Pat Patrick, Chris Pope, and Katherine Callahan (Ghee) in Anniston after the
Super Q (I lived in Anniston then), but it was not the same atmosphere and
not nearly as much fun.  After college I dropped out of radio altogether,
but I still have many great memories of my days with WQEN, Gadsden - The
Southern Super Giant - Super Q 104. 

Anyway, I'm glad to see the tribute up where people can see, read and
remember, and if you get a minute I'd appreciate if you would add my small
contributor name to the list.  Hope this finds you well, happy, and

Best regards,
John "Edwards" Flood 

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