The Q Logo

Here Is The Story About The Q104 Logo From Wiley Post.

This sticker became one of the most recognized stickers in the South in June, 1978. I arrived as President and General Manager on May 15, 1978 with a vision to make Q104 the best station in the South. It had a good sound but it needed a real personality/image of its own. The first thing Sid Griffin and I did was to raise the rates significantly. The next thing was the was horrendously dated and it was just brown. Within days Sid and I took off for Montgomery to meet with two advertising geniuses..John Hartsfield and Charlie South. We met with them for hours discussing image, design, promotability and instant recognition. This is what they delivered. We met with station employees and they loved it. I placed an initial order of 20,000 stickers. We began that day selling promotions around them anticipating their arrival date. The first client was Popeye's Chicken on Rainbow Drive and we through at least a couple of thousand that day. Shortly afterwards we promoted "10,000 Stickers in one day in three Counties" All employees were hands on that day and we put one more than 10,000. Everyone that put a sticker on their vehicle was automatically registered for a prize. An added kicker was that if you already had another station's sticker on your car and covered theirs with ours you were entered into a second contest. People were going to other stations to get stickers for their car so we could cover them up. DOUBLE WHAMMY..other stations were out of stickers and under ours. The sticker was not easy to come by though. The owner's loyal secretary of many years came by and I showed her the sticker sample and she didn't like it and saidI would have to get the owner's OK. That was too late..they were on the press being printed. We had not even unpacked at our new house. I called the President of South Media and told him I was on my way to his office. I arrived a couple of hours later and laid my keys on his desk and told him either I ran the station or the owner's secretary could. He told me to go to the bar at the hotel next door and have a drink and he would join me later. He and the secretary came in about a half hour later and she handed me the keys and said, "It's all yours." We never had another problem and Q104 grew into one of the greatest stations in the South with the best staff possible. Like I have said many times before....It was one Hell of a ride!!!!   © 2019