Letter 03

Hi Chuck !

Just came across your website and enjoyed your Q104 tribute page. I would like to share some of my story, as I once worked on Chestnut Street.

I was hired in March of 1977 to be the first Chief Engineer of Q104 after the move to Chestnut Street from the Bomb Shelter in the WAAX building. My office was next to the control room and was formerly the break room converted to engineering/break room :-). I lived in the transmitter building on Chandler Mountain for about 3 or 4 months and then in a mobile home next to the transmitter building.

The station was just beginning to take off and there was indeed a magic & excitement I have never experienced since in my radio career. The staff was young and from all over.  We were all very close. The first FM anywhere around to program the way Bill Baron did.

Kix106 didn't even exist and I think we gave Birmingham a wake-up call! The station moniker then was "Alabama's Music Giant" Q104.

Dale Mckee was doing mornings, Alan Dupriest midday's, Genny Wilkerson afternoons. Rick Sisk and Dennis Deason were in sales at the time and did production. As was John Pratt. Ron Livengood was the General Manager. 

In the Spring Arbitron of 1977 we were the most listened to radio station in Alabama. Showing up in the Birmingham, Huntsville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta Arbitrons! Dale left and so did Genny.  I believe that's when Rick & Dennis went to mornings, Alan stayed at midday's, Bill went on afternoons, and Rick Campbell did nights.

This may not be exactly right, my memory is a little fuzzy on this.

Leo Davis and Jay Holland worked weekends & part-time. I knew Roger Gaither, he hadn't made it to the Q yet.  He was at WGAD.

I installed the Mixing Console that is in your control room pictures. We bought it because that's what WQXI in Atlanta was using. Boy those pictures bring back some powerful memories. Thank You! 

The old Harris turntables & ITC triple decker that were there when I was are in some of the photos.

I left Q104 in May of 1978 for what I thought were better times ahead.  Not quite. I had more fun, excitement, learned more, and felt more like a part of special group at Q104 than at any station I have worked at since.  

Radio was truly fun then. Your statement "But the magic that existed on Chestnut Street was never repeated" is so true.  It was a magic time for me.

Thanks for the memories Chuck.


Mike Holderfield

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