Letter 09

Hello! Wow! This web-page is bringing back a huge flash ! 

I have told many people that my days at Q-104 are some of 

the best days of my life, and I am sooo glad I lived to tell it! 

Memories of the Q-104 Stroh Boat running a-muck on the Coosa River with fans trying to chase it down for a free beer then someone calling Roger Gaither on air to tell on us! 

Then there was the "Half-Price Fair" with about a gazillion bottles 

of champagne popping during the rap party. I think there may be photos somewhere of the "Cork-Popping" contest in the back of the fair. 

Don't forget the Aqua-Cast and the Mellow Yellow Jell-O Jump..Jeeze..

no station did it better! After I left Q-104 I spent the next 25 years 

of my radio career, trying to explain to people how real radio was 

supposed to be! Very few ever got it. 

Please add me to the old staffers..Lorre Grimes. Now I am Lorre James, living in Destin Florida. I fear I have gone to the dark side, as I now work for a newspaper. Too old for bar gigs and radio remotes in the middle of a car lot on an August Saturday afternoon.

I have lots of great photos for the days of Q, some of which I can share. 

I will get after it soon and send them on. Glenda White has some as well. 

More later.

Lorre Grimes James

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